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Professional Shop

PGA professional Graham Laing is readily available for tuition and advice on golf equipment.

Members and non-members can obtain his expert help by visiting the Pro Shop which is open every day or by calling 07944 664445. The Pro Shop stocks a large range of clubs, balls, shoes and clothing from major brands at very competitive prices.

Why go elsewhere? Lessons are available to golfers from beginners to advanced standard.


Men’s, women’s and junior clothing from Ashworth, Callaway, Cape Crest, Cleveland, Cobra, Galvin Green, Ping and TaylorMade. Sweaters, polo shirts, trousers and shorts in the latest styles and colours. And a full range of waterproofs to keep you dry.


We offer a range of the latest golf clubs from leading brands – woods, rescue & traditional irons, wedges and putters. Whatever you need – we stock it! And you can try before you buy – our excellent short game practice facilties are here for you.


An extensive range of demo clubs are available for you to try before you buy. Our professionals are on hand to offer a personalised club fitting service or just offer advice on what is the best club for you.


We stock a range of pull/push trolleys and electric trolleys. Including the very latest Powa Kaddy models. Replacement batteries and a wide range of customised trolley accessories.

Slow Play

How can i avoid being labelled a slow player?
  • Always be ready to play your shot. When walking to your ball think about your next shot, plan your club selection and be ready to play.
  • Don’t be over ambitious. Waiting for the fairway or green to clear is commendable, but only if you really can reach it. If you think you can reach, then waiting for the group ahead to move on before playing is good thinking and the ‘safe play’.
  • If you hit a ‘career best shot’ and you think the ball may carry to the group in front you must shout ‘FORE’ - the same rule applies if you mis-hit a shot and the ball travels towards another player.
  • Move off the green as soon as you and your friends have finished putting. You can mark the card on the next tee.
  • Trolleys should never be left at the front of the green. Always ensure your trolley is placed at a point where you can move immediately to the next tee without impeding players waiting to tee off.
  • Be aware of other players. At North Wilts there are a number of holes where you walk behind players who are about to ‘tee off’ or ‘putt out’. Talking loudly, sqeaky wheels, walking on gravel or just the clink of clubs can be off putting – have consideration for others.
  • If you are playing for fun, maybe agree that some putts can be conceded. Just think how annoyed you get when you see a player being made to sink a 6 inch putt !
    Let better and faster players through. Golf has been likened more to a marathon than a sprint. If you know the players behind you are more likely to make swift progress on the course, call them through. Your game and theirs will be all the better for this act of courtesy - there is enough pressure without worrying about other players. Remember the ‘etiquette rule’ is to let faster players through and that equally applies to a single golfer. If you do fall behind by a complete hole it would be tactless not to call the next group through.
  • Golf is a social activity, be aware of other players at all times as an errant shot can have serious consequences for you or others.
  • Players choosing to play a limited round should always defer to those playing a complete round. Players competing in a club competition should be offered every opportunity to complete their game unhindered.
  • The simple test of ‘courtesy’ can best be summed up as ‘treating others as you would like to be treated’