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Practice Facilities

The Club has a designated practice area which members and guests are encouraged to use. Practice balls and clubs are available from the Club Professional, a small refundable deposit will be requested when you hire practice balls.

  • The practice facilities are provided for the benefit of all members. There is a refundable £2 deposit for practice balls but NO CHARGE made for the use of the practice facilities
  • When using the practice facilities you are asked to observe the position of other users and to refrain from hitting balls in their direction.
  • Always be aware of golfers on the course, especially at the 8th tee, the 9th tee and the 10th fairway
  • As a matter of golfing courtesy if you are practicing close to the 8th tee stop your practice until players have left the 8th tee
  • If you are using a tube of practice balls from the Pro Shop please ensure you pick up a full tube and return it to the Pro Shop – at this point your deposit will be returned to you.
  • If you are using your own practice balls please ensure you collect them before leaving the practice area
  • Please do not attempt to deliberately hit balls out of the practice area and onto the Golf Course
  • Always be aware of other users and don’t walk forward to pick up your practice balls until it safe to do so
  • Practice with a purpose
  • Enjoy your practice

“The more I practice the luckier I get”

Gary Player